Santa, Baby

Hey Santa,

If you happen to make it to my little apartment near Dallas, Texas, and then happen to somehow {by breaking and entering, I'm guessing, since I have no chimney} make it inside, and also happen to NOT get a cap in your bowl-full-of-jelly a**, please leave me these gifts, near my silver foil Christmas tree from the 40s:
This I Married Adventure book would look amazing in my apt!  I've wanted a copy for-ev-er! / Sig Sauer 9 mm compact {and ammo, please} / Anthro candle in volcano / 2013 Volvo S60, preferably in navy with cream leather interior / this WE floor lamp in natural would be gorgeous in my bedroom / MAC lipstick in 'lickable' {such a terrible name} / J Crew coat / I'm obsessed with this metal root table / New Yorker Print {Pssst, Santa, you can get a framed one at Z Gallerie for like 60 bucks.  No, not 'bucks' like Rudolf! Dollars!} / How cute is this Johnny Cash necklace / Not the biggest Bill O'Reilly fan, but Killing Lincoln is supposed to be amazing / gorgeous Sam Edelman booties / hilarious desk calendar / Secret Wonderland or Paris Amour lotion
{blue Christmas wallpaper via}

I promise to leave you some lactose-intolerant-friendly almond milk and homemade store-bought cookies {which I will arrange on a plate and hide the packaging, hoping to fake you out}.

Thanks, SC.  You're a real pal.

{I really do love you, Santa, I just chose a comedic voice for this post that sounds a little snarky because it's funnier.  I even named my dog after you, "Walter Santa Little Jerry Seinfeld Brigman." See, that proves it.}


Kerry at: November 25, 2012 at 3:28 PM said...

That Johnny Cash necklace is awesome. Also love those booties!

Once Santa is done at your place, send him my way!


Maigen at: November 25, 2012 at 6:32 PM said...

I know, I might have to just order the necklace {and booties, LOL} once my self-inflicted spending freeze ends!

I'll give him your address ;)


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