Style That Item: Kerry (and D's) Desk!


Kerry is kicking butt with transforming her house!  You can see her bathroom update here, and I know she's in the midst of putting the finishing touches on her dining room!  This month, she asked us to help her style her desk and shelves up in her loft area.  Kerry went modern, organized, and natural with her ideas, Maigen added class, texture, and whimsy to hers, and now here's mine: industrial metallic.

Here's a peek at the before:

First off, I LOVE her bungee cord chair.  I feel so important whenever my bum takes a seat in it!  I was right along with Maigen about covering up the metal shelf brackets/rods, but after hearing Kerry's explanation of enjoying the industrial feel of them, I completely understand.  It's funny, because I never really noticed them when I'm there in person; the photo really accentuates them.  

A few suggestions I have:
- perhaps move the printer to live on the top of the rolling file cabinet.  That will free up a shelf and when you need to open the flip top, just roll the cabinet out.
- move the small printer shelf to the middle, directly above the iMac screen.  (I lust after that gorgeous piece of technology!)  Moving it to the middle gives you another section to display art, bulletin/inspiration boards, photos, you name it.

I took a few items that Kerry had pinned and incorporated them into the mockup.  It all kind of started with the "holla" sign :)

work it

You can see that it's mainly gold and silver metals.  Touches of lacquered white and punches of color help break up some of that coldness.      I'm also huge on the terrarium movement so that greenery plus some woven baskets, clothbound books, art, and photos will personalize this space and warm it up.  (I actually was going to use that exact terrarium K used until I saw her post! :))  Let's break down the shelves, shall we?

Metal bins can house magazine collections, board games, fabric swatches or whatever fun crafty things K's got up her sleeve.  Magnetic clothes pins can display a minimalist or whimsical label.  I definitely think large scale art should be propped up top to draw the eye up.  Both K and M had fabulous ideas for that top shelf too; I love what they came up with!  I never would've thought to put swing arm lamps up there!

SchoolHouse Electric: Varsity Trophy
Container Store: Bright Stockholm Office Storage Boxes
Amazon:  Amco Magnetic Clothes Pins
Lowes Edsal Metal Bins
Etsy Modern Original Abstract Painting No. 71 Acrylic on Canvas

The second shelf is all about accessorizing with sculptures and books.  Horizontal stacks would look nice here and provide height to things like the horn or holla sign.  A clamp light can be adjusted up or down and adds another industrial feel.  Office supplies or spools of thread/yarn balls will be housed in the hive vase.

Jonathan Adler:  Small Horn Sculpture 
Etsy: Holla wood sign 
West Elm: Hive Vases 
Container Store: Bright Stockholm Magazine File 

mini shelf

Right above the computer, we need some greenery and visual interest.  A pretty acrylic painting propped against the back will be a great sight to gaze at.  A warm woven basket can hold daily accessories and the hippo and mustache stamp are just too fun to pass up.  (I laughed when Maigen included the mustache pins.  It's just so Kerry!)  The CB2 wire basket is actually way too large for the shelf, but it's another terrarium idea.

Crate and Barrel: Samar Oval Basket 
Jonathan Adler: Brass hippo 
Urban Outfitters: Mustache Stamp 
MadeByGirl:  Painting


Lastly, my favorite part: the desk surface!  If Kerry goes with moving the shelf, we've got the left and right side to play with!  Back when I wanted to cover up the metal rods, I found this great scratch off map!  When you scratch off the places you've been to, there are fun colors hiding underneath!  Propped or attached to the back wall, it could be an alternative to a bulletin board.  A desk lamp is for certain needed and all three suggestions are sculpturally interesting.  Can you tell I'm terrarium obsessed?  Here are two more options for mini greenhouses.  I love the wood slice tray!  Also, one side can hold an antler wreath either year round or during the holiday season.  Lastly, I find these dice erasers oh so cute and the green letter tray is nice, punchy, and modern.

Restoration Hardware: Weathered Antler Wreath 24" - White 
Crate and Barrel: Bronze Terrarium 
Crate and Barrel: Small Bell Jar and Saucer 
Crate and Barrel: Set Of 6 Dicer Erasers 
Land of Nod:   Gold Geometric Lamp Base

I can't wait to see all the new things Kerry is doing to her house!  She's got such fabulous style and is so great at putting it all together!


Kerry at: November 18, 2012 at 6:00 PM said...

Looks great, Isabel! I totally forgot about that "holla" sign - I think it was one of the first things I pinned. : ) I love how you used items that I've pinned in general. That scratch-off map is so cool!

Both you and M gave me so many new ideas to work with; now I don't know what to do!! : )


Maigen at: November 18, 2012 at 8:45 PM said...

Sooo cute! You nailed it!

I especially love the gold geometric lamp {I know, you're shocked, right?!} and the "holla!" I forgot about that, too, K, and it was one of the first things I RE-pinned, from you! {And really wanted to get!}

It was so great to catch up with you the other day! :)


Isabel at: November 24, 2012 at 10:15 AM said...

Thanks, K! You will always find a way :) You have fabulous taste and execution!

Thanks Maigen! Love that geom lamp too! We need to meet up for real soon!

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