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What great ideas Kerry had for her desk space!  I will try hard to come up with something fun, but I pretty much already vote 'hers'! 

Here is the desk area as it is now, but with her hubs finishing school, K is looking to spruce it up a bit!
I wanted to start with a rad new chair.  The one they have already is pretty cool, but I wanted to bring in some color.  Feast your eyes on these leather beauties:
orange chair  / white chair
Kerry had mentioned that a little more light was needed.  I found a few options that I liked.  I like the idea of putting a sconce next to the desk, or possibly finding some cool clip lights to arrange on the shelf above the desk.  I also thought it might be fun to do a desk lamp or two.... Too many options!

I think a bulletin board with a fun, graphic pattern to fit in the space between the desk top and the shelves would really look nice, plus it would cover the metal rods to which the shelves attach. 

I also love the idea of wire with clips for pictures.  She can mix in family photos, inspiring pics and sayings, and anything else that strikes her fancy!  The wire and clips are super-inexpensive at IKEA.  I was thinking she could string this above the top shelf.
{Clockwise from top left}: "honeydew and white" nail-head bulletin board from etsy {or, I bet our DIY princess could manage to make something just like this!  How about her cute magnet-board idea in her post?  I just love that blue ikat fabric!} / bronze wall sconce / clip lights / {image of pics from Kelly Rae Roberts' blog} IKEA wire and clips / bronze table light / arc desk lamp
I think my favorite lighting arrangement is the bronze sconce + the little bronze desk light, see?

If she opts for the arc desk lamp, it could look cool to do one on either side of the desk, arching in {these should be the only lights, if that is the case}.  If she goes with clip lights, I would do 3-5 and skip the desk lamp and sconce all together {I'm also pretty dang crazy about this option}!

Next, she wanted to organize her shelves and add a bit of interest.  I think the top shelf would look great with some stunning bins and a fun decor item.  I have always loved black globes, and Z Gallerie has an awesome one! 

The middle shelf will still house books.  Just add in this fun alligator bookend set {check out the adorable piggy bookends Kerry featured on my dresser styling post!} to satisfy K's love of animals in decor and some nice canvas boxes and magazine bins to hold some more stuff that K wants out-of-sight!
alligator tote / globe
canvas box and magazine bins  / alligator bookends
I tried to keep the desktop from getting too cluttered, but it's so hard when there is so much cute desk stuff out there!  Also, I don't think anything is as perfect as that little **hammered gold bowl Kerry used in her post {also featured by Isabel here}!  

I found the most delightful preppy plaid and acrylic tray for papers and folders!  Also, a cork and metallic gold cup for pencils {hows about some fun colored pencils?} and paper clips!  I could just see Miss K stamping her heart out with this adorable bee stamp {I bet she would adorn everything with the little buzzers, even bills!}
and pinning away with her cheeky moustache push-pins!  I have this glass knot paperweight and love it, and I thought a nice monogrammed charcoal grey flannel bin would make a nice wastebasket.  I actually think the "etc" that West Elm featured in their styling pic would be perfect! 

"Rad Plaid" tray / pencil cup / stamper / pencils /  push pins / felt storage bin / paperweight

So, here are all my ideas, condensed into one little board:
I think I really like the way it turned out!  I love the colors and the quirkiness {which will hopefully appeal to Kerry, too}!

Like I said, it was so hard to narrow down my items to a reasonable number, since there is just so much fun stuff out there.  I think stores have really started to be more creative with accessories lately.  What are your favorite stores to find accessories?  I want to check them out!

**Pssst, I think I might just have to get one myself, it is so elegant and such a great price!


Amy Shaughnessy at: November 12, 2012 at 2:09 PM said...

That chair would definitely be a great starting point. Can't wait to see how she does it!


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Kerry at: November 12, 2012 at 5:14 PM said...

Love how you created a great visual with the photos superimposed with your ideas. Makes me wish I gave you a better photograph to work with!

So much to love! The gator is probably my favorite accessory! Did I tell you I bought the CB2 pig bookends? I named him Wilbur! It's pretty much just as perfect in person as it was online.

I also love that bulletin board from Etsy; great find! I just wish it were smaller. I'm a fan of the tracks showing on the unit; I like the industrial feel, so I don't want to cover them up. I just might make my own smaller version with nailhead, though! Thanks for that idea!

I also love all the baskets, boxes, and that tray. My wallet just doesn't love the prices. : ( And I almost forgot the mustache pins, which are AWESOME!!

Fantastic job, as always!

Maigen at: November 12, 2012 at 7:59 PM said...

Thanks, Amy! I know, I can't wait to see the outcome, either!!

Thanks, K! I didn't even think about the industrial aspect of the metal for some reason! Duh! I can see why you want them showing! That's why this blog is good for me, because I get to see your (fabulous) perspective on things!

So glad you got the piggy bookends! They are perfectly at home in your cute home, I bet :)


Isabel at: November 24, 2012 at 10:25 AM said...

Such great colors you pulled together! So whimsical with that rad plaid tray :)

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