Yay, Thanksgiving! {I couldn't come up with a clever title to save my life}


So, I'm pretty excited for Thanksgiving.  A day to eat turkey, hang with the fam, NOT WORK, and generally be grateful for the amazing blessings in my life and for an amazing country that I know has been extraordinarily blessed, as well.

I hate to wax too philosophical, so I will spare you too much of that, but I have been in a state of reflection and change for the last couple of months, really {you may recall this, my epiphany}. 

I just finished a very interesting and profound book called The Harbinger {by Jonathan Cahn}, which I highly recommend. 

It's a little repetitive at times, but I think it's because the facts in it are so important and need to be remembered.  It's definitely religious, but non-denominational.  It's about the US and helped me gain a greater appreciation for the freedoms and blessings we have all been so fortunate to enjoy.    

Now, onto Thanksgiving day festivities!

I am on a weight-loss program {but really, am instilling a new lifestyle of eating healthier, exercising more, and NOT eating when I'm sad, bored, etc} and decided to bring something to Thanksgiving dinner at my mamacita's that I won't feel too guilty having for dessert.  My grams is such a great cook, and she will certainly have pies and cakes and all kinds of delights.  I will definitely feel like I am missing out if there isn't something sweet that I can eat without blowing my diet for the whole day!
Now, here's the deal.  I'm about to go all "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" on you and set a pretend table.  I have been compiling some great table-setting stuff over the past couple of years, so here's {kinda} what it would look like if I were hosting Thanksgiving at chez Maigen:
place settings: bird napkin rings / silver nest placemats / gold flatware / citrine napkins / s&p shakers  centerpiece: I am going to get a large fish bowl and put several small antlers in it, spray-painted metallic gold.  I plan to use this year-round.
My dinnerware is a mish-mash of all different Anthropologie dishes, which is cute and vintagey, and definitely much more casual than I would want for a dinner party.  Below are a few cool dinnerware options.  Which is your favorite?

I always wished I got the metallic wood slices dinnerware before they marked them down and sold out:
David Starck wood slices dinnerware
Another cool option is the new silver metallic lattice dinnerware:
metallic lattice dinnerware
This set is pretty and whimsical:
metallic snow dots dinnerware
Or a more simple, just elegant set.  The pieces come in silver or gold and I think it would be fun to mix them, but I'd probably go with gold if I had to choose {and this is my FAVE option}:
metallic rimmed dinnerware

Here are the glasses I would like to get:
And, here's what I would wear {at my fictional Thanksgiving dinner}, substituting the raffia of the hat for flannel wool in tan {and since we're going fictional here, I also would like to to have that figure, please and thank you}:
Here's what I will probably actually wear on Thursday {although, I highly doubt I'll look like Eva Longoria in my sweats.  And, umm, my hair won't look like that, all styled.  It'll be in a messy top-knot.  Fo' sho'.  And, instead of a cute, matchy-matchy sweatsuit, I'll be in baggy-bottom sweatpants and a major sweatshirt that I inherited from my step-dad lo these many years ago.}:
In fact, I'm probably going to look more like this {except not as thin.  And, umm, hopefully, ever-so-slightly less homeless.}:
What fun plans do you have for Thanksgiving?


Kerry at: November 18, 2012 at 8:18 PM said...

Love this from top to bottom! That "Count Your Blessings" image is tops. The dots are my favorite! And I totally want those glasses, too. Lovely.

Your breakdown on what you'll be wearing had me giggling out loud. I seriously doubt that you'll look like awful pic of Katie Holmes. I don't believe that's possible for a second.


Jin at: November 18, 2012 at 8:39 PM said...

nice post....the pumpkin fluff sounds yummy. I try to eat healthy too but I'm not going to hold back on thanksgiving...I'll just add more cardio to my workouts this week. Good thing that I'm not having thanksgiving dinner at my house so I won't have any leftovers to pig out on.
Oh, and I will be in sweats too...stretchy pants are a must lol

Isabel at: November 24, 2012 at 10:12 AM said...

I also love metallics during the holidays! The glasses are a must and I've been eyeing those pitchers with the ball tops with a mad wishful eye!

Your table settings look stunning - wish we could see it in person!

Maigen at: November 25, 2012 at 6:24 PM said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies!

K- LOL! Yeah, I managed to not look like good ol' KH. Thank goodness.

Jin- I know, I brought home minimal leftovers and tried to eat light on Thursday. The pumpkin fluff wasn't that great, much to my disappointment!

I- Thanks! I should have y'all over for dinner soon! :)

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