A Film Watcher's Anthology {M's Monthly Love}

I love films.  I could go to the movies every day, I think, and still not get sick of it! 

I have seen a few movies lately, and I wanted to give y'all a little rundown, in case you were looking for a good flick to catch!

Ways to Live Forever
This is a beautiful and sad film about a boy with leukemia, his family and friends and how they deal with it.  He writes a list of things to do before he dies and documents the list and his life on video.

I went to a preview, so I'm not sure when it will be released in the US {I think it was only released in England and parts of Europe, but don't quote me on that}. 

The description said it was a "heartwarming" something, but I beg to differ.  It was far too sad to be heartwarming.  I think the fact that he had such a great attitude actually made it more difficult to watch. 

I think the father/son relationship was by far the most important aspect of the film.  It was a really good movie.  But, any movie about a child with cancer is pretty hard to watch, isn't it?  At one point, I had to concentrate hard on not audibly sobbing.  This is the kind of movie I like, though, because it makes you think or change. 

Afterward, the questionnaire asked "what movies does this remind you of?"  I said "Napoleon Dynamite, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Love Actually, Elegy, Charlie Bartlett."  So, that might tell you if you would like it or not.

Oh, and also, the little girl in it totally reminds me of Winnie Cooper. 

Wow, another film about cancer.  I actually don't exclusively watch movies about that subject.  This one was pretty good, too, and pretty funny.  Expect the profanity that seems to always accompany Seth Rogen. 

I love the scene in the picture above and the relationship Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character had with his shrink {that actress with the tiniest face and features ever... Anna Kendrick:
Am I wrong?}  

This movie was reminiscent of "500 Days of Summer."  I got a little teary-eyed, but there was definitely not a total break-down, like in "Ways."  There was one scene toward the very end that made me almost puke, but other than that, this is definitely worth a watch. 

 Cloud Atlas
There's not enough space in the blogosphere for me to describe all my feelings about this movie.  I hated it.  And yet, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it and it's been WEEKS. 

The china-throwing scene is fabulous, and I liked the beach above, but it was really hard to follow {as far as who was who}.  Okay, let me back, back, back it up.  It's a film that follows a group of people through several lives {they keep getting reincarnated, I'm assuming}, and they are all intertwined, like, forever.  

The problems:

1} It's too, TOO long {as I fear this description must end up being} at more than three hours.

2} The actors played a bunch of different people, but they also changed races and stuff.  Sorry, but a pair of colored contacts do not change someone's basic look and until the technology catches up with your imagination, director-man, stick with keeping people who they are for the most part.  I'm also not a big fan of trying to make someone who is young look old.  It never works that well and they always end up looking like someone who has had a lot of plastic surgery, and it's gross. 

3} Apparently, in the future, people will slur their words together a lot and all the articles and stuff that make sentences sound good will be obsolete, therefore, making them nearly impossible to understand and forming this ghetto-hick slang.  Sorry, that's the best description I could come up with.

4} Also, in the future, according to this film, gorgeous, perfect-looking Asian girls will become servers in what can only be described as a fancy Sonic. Everyone else who lives in a "Blade Runner" type Tokyo and aren't servers come to eat there and harass the servers.  If the servers try to escape, a necklace they are wearing slashes their throat, splattering the people in the super-long wait-line for upscale-Sonic with blood.  The servers are all hoping to get promoted to something they expect to be like heaven-on-earth, but it actually becomes the real Heaven, because they go in this little room, are murdered, and are put on big hooks that then send them through a processing plant to become {you guessed it!}: food for the other servers in the form of a bizarro juice-box type thing.  It's totally horrific and reminds me of Agenda 21 {look it up on the UN's website, scariest crap ever}.

5} Weird-o characters, mostly played by Tom Hanks, who, I am sorry to say, is not aging well.

6} Tom Hank's personal demon is, in effect, an evil/butt-ugly version of Slash from Guns 'N Roses, behold:
villain / Slash {sidebar: I will always love Slash because of his foreboding chant in "November Rain," but is he not actually a lot sexier than you remember him being in your childhood?}

The good stuff:

1} China-throwing

2} Beach

3} The escaped slave who ends up a stow-away on a ship is truly a fabulous character who I was rooting for the whole time.  He was awesome and I enjoyed his relationship with his sickly cabin-mate.

4} A well-timed bomb on a plane.

5} An unlikely love affair {aside from an unnecessary sex-scene} between one of the servers and an Asian bad-a$$ who reminds me of Keanu Reeves a la "The Matrix," only not as dumb. 

So, as much as I described it, I still fell like I was a little elusive on this one, but it's JUST SO weird.  I hate it, but it's definitely interesting.

Trouble with the Curve

Okay.  Love.  This.  Film.  LOVE. 

I think Clint Eastwood and I would be friends in real life.  He's just so dang fabulous.  I loved "Gran Torino" and this new movie lived up to my super-high expectations. 

Amy Adams didn't bug me at all {I can't remember why, but I feel like she annoys me usually} and Clint E was his normal, grouchy, perfect self.  The ending is so fulfilling, John Goodman was great {as always}, there is this cutie-patootie young baseball player:
with a rags-to-riches type side-story {gotta love that!}, and that guy who looks like a penis was the perfect choice for the jerk role.  {What's his name??  Oh, yeah, Matthew Lillard.  He looks just like one:  

Am I wrong??}

Okay, I have to admit a little crush on Justin Timberlake.  Yes, I know it's lame, but he is so funny in general and so cute in this movie:

He definitely isn't my normal celebrity crush.  As you can see, I definitely have a type**:
Top row: Robert Downey, Gorgeous / Carter Oosterhouse / "The Rock" / George Clooney / Justin Chambers Bottom row: Nacho Figueras / Mark Ruffalo / Eduardo Verastegui / John Colaneri of "Kitchen Cousins" / Jeffrey Dean Morgan 
The father/daughter relationship in this film was so nicely played out and Clint Eastwood's character was so endearing to me.  I bawled my head off when he was singing to his wife's grave, and you will, too.  It's perfectly lovely and sad.  

Do yourself a favor and see this movie!

**You oughtta see the ex.  He's one of the saaaaame fine-a$$ crowd.  

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
What a great movie this is.  It's at the red-box / Netflix / Blockbuster / On Demand, whatever you use. 

The cast is wonderful {that kid from "Slumdog Millionaire," Dev Patel, is just too good} and the story is awesome.  I love Judi Dench and Tom Wilkinson and Bill Nighy and Maggie Smith. 

These older people are, each for their own reasons, somewhat tricked into moving to a run-down hotel in India to live out their last days.  The movie follows their time there, the relationships they each have, and serendipitous happenings as well as sad moments in India.
This movie had so many touching moments mixed in with laugh-out-loud moments, which is my fave combo.  I highly recommend it.  It's one I would buy for my collection, and that's saying a lot.
Some upcoming films I'm excited about...

Les Miserables
left / right
I almost cry each time I see the preview, I'm so excited!  The cast looks amazing!  I love Anne Hathaway and am stoked to see her sing.  I also love the quite gorgeous Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried, who reminds me so much of my little sister, Meredith, that it's freaky.  Les Mis has always been my favorite musical, and I may or may not be able to sing it all the way through, doing all the voices {but I won't}.  In college, I listened to musicals all the time.  I'm also quite fond of "Miss Saigon."

Gangster Squad
Can I get a what, what?  I am ob-sessed with mobster movies.  Some of my faves: The Usual Suspects, The Untouchables, The Godfather {check out Al Pacino when he was a a young guy as Michael Corleon. You won't believe it's him. GORGEOUS.}, Boondock Saints, You Kill Me, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Scarface, Donnie Brasco, Carlito's Way, City of God, Goodfellas, The Mexican, and Analyze This. Pretty sure I'm forgetting some, too! 

In case mobsters with guns isn't enough incentive for you, there's always this:
Holla!  RG in a suit!  Ryan Gosling is probably the hottest light-haired guy in Hollywood.  I mean, have you ever seen "The Notebook?"  A man that looks that gorgeous even with a face full of mountain-man beard is just plain perfect.  And, his hottie-with-a-naughty-body self in "Crazy, Stupid Love?"  Come on

Anyway, back to the movie.  The trailer looks pretty good and the cast is great.  Mark Ruffalo, Sean Penn {who is, by all accounts, a nut, but is an awesome actor}, and Emma Stone are a few of my faves. 

The only problem is that every time I see Emma Stone's red hair, I get one step closer to making an ill-fated appointment with my colorist.  Since I'm so blonde, there's a good chance my hair will come out looking like Estelle Costanza's:
Silver Linings Playbook
I often like movies about people with emotional issues / going through something life-changing {here are a couple more reviews... BTW, I saw "Moonrise Kingdom" again on Thanksgiving and loved it just as much as the first time}.  The characters in this movie look nutty enough that I will like them, and I just think it looks good.  Like my kind of movie.  I'll let you know.

What movies have you seen lately and recommend, or which ones are you looking forward to seeing?  I'm always looking for suggestions!


Anonymous at: December 2, 2012 at 11:17 AM said...

M, I recommend Skyfall. It's perhaps one of the best Bond movies to date. (I've watched all the ones from Pierce Brosnan & Daniel Craig.) That aside, Argo is another I would recommend. Intense and well-directed by Ben Affleck who also stars in it. That said, Gangster Squad is on my list thanks to Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone. ;)

Lisa - respect the shoes at: December 2, 2012 at 9:05 PM said...

I am looking forward to Cloud Atlas, but I need to read the book first!

Kerry at: December 5, 2012 at 7:32 AM said...

I'm so not a movie watcher/goer in theatres. I'd much rather rent them in the comfort of my own home. But I will more than likely be catching Les Miserables in a theatre. Really looking forward to that one.


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