A Quick Room Re-do

My sister is helping her friend with a room re-do in Hawaii and sent me a picture to see what I would do with it.  It is a guest bedroom that will be doing double-duty as a nursery in a few months.  It's not a huge room, so my sister suggested putting the dresser in the closet.  I think the bed should maybe be moved into the corner {either one} on the back wall, angled into the room, leaving the crib where it it {on the right when you first walk in}. 
I suggested ditching the headboard if they opt to keep the bed up against the wall.  If they decide to angle it, I would keep the headboard so that there's something to lean the pillows up against. 

Meredith's friend wants to keep the comforter, so I was using the green as a springboard.  She is having a girl, but doesn't want any girly-girl stuff. 

Here's my {very thrown-together at the last minute, as in, start at 10:30 pm and finish at 1 am the night before Thanksgiving} plan {Meredith is looking into the wall art, so I focused on pillows/linens}:
Meredith found the awesome and textured chevron pillow and blue plush velvet pillow / faux cowhide pillow / euro shams / I said they should buy some standard shams to use to make  pillows and a quilt for the crib / throw / curtain panels
Anyway, I think it works!  It makes the comforter seem to have more of a purpose.  And, I kept everything well under $300!

Mere is stuck with this part, but I was thinking something big for the wall above the bed {if it stays on the wall, that is}.  Just keep it simple.  Maybe a big mirror or some fun art.  What wall art would you use? 


Kerry at: December 1, 2012 at 7:07 AM said...

Oooh! I love the mix of the cowhide and textured chevron pillows!


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