Jingle Balls {DIY}

So, I didn't post a monthly DIY for November, but if I wait for the end of December, this won't be relevant anymore!  {Also, I did this DIY last year, so really, I'm kind of cheating anyway!}

Last year, I was in love with this image I saw on Pinterest:

via {I still love this, how gorgeous are the colors and ornaments?  I love the few scattered stars, too!}

SO in love, in fact, that I decided to make one myself!  Now, mine isn't at all this big.  And I will tell you that by the time I bought all the supplies and balls, it cost me about $250.  No joke.  AND I got all the balls on 50% off at Michael's.  The one above must have been like $400.

Now, I'll give you the quick instructions I read online and what I did to customize it.

1} wrap a styrofoam craft wreath with ribbon that matches your color scheme.  CHECK! 
{I used aqua blue grosgrain, about 2" thick.  The wrapping process is harder than you would think, as you are wrapping on a curve, so getting it tight and smooth definitely takes a while.}

2} take the hangy-things off the balls, and glue the big ones, randomly, to the wreath by the top notchy-thing.  CHECK!
{I didn't think this felt very secure, so I got a utility knife and dug small holes in the ribbon/wreath.  I then put hot glue on the ball notchy-thing and kind of screwed them into the holes.  Then, after I got the big balls on, I glued in the small ones, either to the wreath, or the bigger balls, depending on where they needed to be filled in.  My mom suggested I go a little less dense with balls than in the pic above, since the ribbon showing through a bit was so pretty, in our opinion.}

3} Look at your pretty wreath, because you are done.  CHECK!  {This seems like such an easy project, but it did take a lot of time, so just be prepared.}
Sorry about the terrible photo!  I wish the colors translated better!  They are super rich in real life!

Have you made any of the DIY wreaths that have been so popular of late?


Anonymous at: December 13, 2012 at 3:34 PM said...

How crafty, Maigen! Very nice but ouch, is that pricey and with 50% off! Regardless, it's pretty though. :)

Lisa - respect the shoes at: December 13, 2012 at 8:37 PM said...

I am a DIY dummy - I love the look of that ball wreath and what pretty jewel tones!

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