Style That Item: My Nightstand

I got a new lamp.  I love it.  {'Love' doesn't even describe it.  It is in-credible!}  Thanks, Jaredith {my sister Meredith & her husband Jared's celeb name}, for the fabulous present!
"Weston table lamp" no longer available online, but you might be lucky enough to find it in your local Z Gallerie on sale!  Image via
But, now, I have to re-arrange the top of my nightstand...  The lamp is so grand that I think everything else needs to be lower-profile.  I have to have a coaster very close to my bed for my nightly ice-water, and I would like some sort of  tray or something to house the obligatory remote controls.  Also, this is where my phone sits while it charges at night...  I'm a little at a loss.  So, I am asking the other stylish ladies of LCDF to figure it out for me ;)  JK, I'm going to work on it, too!

Later that week...

So, did Kerry nail it, or what?  I love what she came up with!  While I was thinking about a tray to hold my remotes {of course, my answer to pretty much anything is "put it in a tray!"}, I am ob-sessed with the box idea she came up with {in fact, I am obsessed with the actual box she found, but it's a little more than I want to spend}...

Since she got me thinking about boxing it up, I found a few online that I think would work well!

This Nate Berkus for Target box has a similar texture and color to the one K found, and rings in at only $25!
Z Gallerie's Ming boxes boxes come as a set, but you know I can't resist the glamour of metallic gold!
I like the pattern on the bigger of these two West Elm jewelry boxes {but either might work, because I like the size of the smaller one}.  
Now for my ideas for the nightstand!  {This first one totally uses Kerry's box idea... It's just too good!} 
Paris map / I want to use my beautiful Kate Spade vase, which was gifted to me by my amazing friend, Allison / this awesome frame is from the Target/NM collaboration.  Kerry brought it to my attention here and then when we LCDF girls went to see the offerings in person, I was very impressed by its quality and its funky look / my Anthro agate-look coaster

I have had a design crush on this image of a fabulous, colorful scarf framed as art {that I repinned from Kerry}, for a while now...

Is that not the tops?  This is the basic idea I used for my second styling.
Hermes scarf via Pinterest / pic of frame via / I already have this awesome Morton skull in gold.  Right now, it's on my book shelf, but I think it could move in here, if I went this direction. 
I added a normal frame in the board above, but I also really like the idea of a modern lucite frame and vintage scarf, see?

Y'all know I'm all about the details, so here is a better picture of the plate, which is too cool, if you ask me.  Z Gallerie also has a similar tray, which is about half the cost.  Either would be a great place to set the remotes.

Another piece of art that I might put there is my "Jenufa" opera poster print {seen here to the right of the window in one of Isabel's pictures of my previous apartment.  See the rest of her awesome photos here}.
I am excited to put this all together!  Before, I had no ideas, and now, I have lots of good ones, thanks to Kerry and a long online-shop trying to come up with something! 

Do you have any good ideas for styling my nightstand that I should check out? 


Kerry at: December 10, 2012 at 5:56 PM said...

Fun box options, M!

Hahaha! I totally started out using that Pinterest scarf art image as inspiration, but couldn't find a scarf I liked enough to replicate it. Love the one you found! I love both styling options, but The Hipster is my fave!

Can't wait to see what you do!!

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