Filling the Gaps // Deconstructed Denim

In an attempt to not be so impulsive and to instead be very wise about my clothing and accessory purchases this year, I decided to do a little closet inventory to help me evaluate what's missing in my current wardrobe, the gaps if you will. Instead of buying another dress, which I always seem to gravitate towards, I need to be more mindful about adding items to my closet that are lacking. Believe it or not, in evaluating my closet's contents just a few months ago, I realized that I didn't own one single classic white button-down blouse. What?!? {No worries; I promptly remedied that by picking up this guy for 30% off}. With that said, welcome to my new series, Filling the Gaps.
This edition takes us into the world of deconstructed denim. I do have a very old pair of flare-legged deconstructed denim that is a little bit too deconstructed for modesty's sake {read: they have a huge tear that is rather inappropriately located near my bum}, so it is time to update them to a much more modern silhouette with more appropriately placed deconstructed bits. You're welcome anyone standing behind me.
clockwise from top left: straight leg // boyfriend jeans // dark wash skinnies // medium wash skinnies
While I previously swore by designer denim only, I've had a lot of luck with Gap denim over the past two years, so my gut instinct says to buy the straight leg or the boyfriend jeans. I'm actually leaning much more toward the straight leg pair since I do already own a few pairs of boyfriend jeans {my fave}, and because I imagine it to be much more flattering {i.e. crossing my fingers that they make me look taller} to my petite figure than a typical pair of skinnies. However I would like to have the option to wear my deconstructed denim with boots, so a pair of skinnies might be the way to go. And if so, do I go light or dark? Oh the deconstructed denim dilemma!

Any plugs for a particular pair of deconstructed jeans? I'd love your advice!

I'll be sure to report back once this gap is appropriately filled!
Happy Monday, y'all.

Let's Go to the Movies!

I recently saw a couple of the movies on my list, and one that wasn't!

Les Mis
This is definitely worth seeing!  Loved, loved, loved it!  I will definitely be seeing this one more time before it leaves theaters.  I was really impressed with everyones' singing.  Anne Hathaway killed it {if you don't cry when she sings "I Dreamed a Dream," you might be without soul}, and Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried were outstanding.  The only voice that I didn't think was right for the part was Russell Crowe, but his acting was great.  The inn-keeper and his wife {Borat & Helena Bonham Carter} were perfection.  And the girl who played Eponine was awesome, too!  The friend of Marius, the revolutionary student leader guy, was quite the dish, too!
Gangster Squad
So, after about five minutes, I was like, "umm, no."  By the end, though, I ended up liking this flick.  It was definitely cheesy and over the top, and there were a couple of terrible, what I call "brutality for brutality's sake" scenes, but overall, it was decent.  The main redeeming qualities were the several hunky bad-cops, the shoot-em-up mobster stuff, and a fabulous and quite covetable peacock blue dress that Emma Stone wore. I want that dang dress.
Broken City
I wasn't even planning on seeing this, but my friends were going and that Marky Mark is so rad.  It was pretty good.  Really, the story was a little hard to follow and I felt like there were quite a few gratuitous details/storylines.  But, overall, it was enjoyable and entertaining.  Plus, more Russell Crowe!  This time as a totally different kind of bastard than he plays as Javert in Les Mis.  Catherine Zeta Jones is super-stylish throughout, so that was a bonus.  Umm, COAT!
I decided during previews that I will be seeing Snitch, with the invariably studly "Rock."  {I don't even care that he's a wrestler and a democrat*.  I would so marry that.}
Have you seen any good movies lately?  

*The views and opinions expressed in this post are solely of the individual and are not the views of LCDF, its parent, affiliate, or subsidiary companies. 

Hot 'n Fresh :: Homemade Detergent

I have to admit something.  Back in the day, R. and I were "extreme" couponers.  We weren't as cray cray as the people on the TV show, but there was a good year and a half where we played with the system.  It bordered on post apocalyptic hoarding, but it sure gave us a thrill!  The "stockpiling" years (as I call those days) kept us maintained with toilet paper, feminine products and any kind of hygiene product for at least two - three years.  Visitors always walked away with a mini shopping bag from our "store".  

Then came the day we used up all our almost free laundry detergent.  I want to say that we went three years without paying full price for detergent.  We were down to the last watered down drop.  R. decided there was no way he was paying for new detergent so he set out to make his own.  He wanted cheap; I wanted earth friendly, natural and non-toxic to the environment.  While I haven't researched the affects this recipe has on the earth, may I present to you, an extremely inexpensive way to clean your clothes.  

 We were liquid detergent people, so we'll see how this powder thing goes.  I love that it smells great, has mostly natural ingredients, and it's PINK :)  So far, our clothes have smelled decently fresh (it's not as perfumed as commercial detergents, but still smells great) and without dryer sheets (we ran out) our clothes are static free and still feel soft.  Plus, I've always wanted to display my laundry products and this powder lets me do that!  Am I so cool or WHAT?!

And for anybody who cares, it cost us about $15 to make and will last close to 6 months.  I also need to add that this was R's DIY project, so he takes all the credit!  I just took pictures and blogged about it :)

How far would you go to DIY something like this?  Are there some things on your mental list that you know for sure you wouldn't ever try to DIY?

Paper Hearts // Kerry's Monthly DIY Challenge

As soon as I took down the Christmas decor in my home, my heart sank a little lot. I instantly missed the cozy and full feeling that all of my Christmas swag brought to my home. So it was without hesitation that the Valentine's Day decorating commenced asap, which involved leaving up my mini-tree and replacing the Christmas ornaments with heart ornaments.

This year I was feeling pretty paper-crafty, so I made two super easy banners using my favorite mini clothespins, ribbon, and decorative papers {some glitter, some printed} purchased from my local Hobby Lobby all at 50% off. I printed out heart outlines and letter outlines in my favorite ofalltime font: Bebas. Then I spent about an hour tracing, cutting, arranging, and mini-clothespinning the banner together. And voila! Instant Valentine's Day happiness.

Have you DIYed any Valentine's Day decor? Do share!

A New Piece of Art

Yay!  I got this fabulous framed print at Home Goods {LOVE HG!!!} for my bedroom wall!  There is a huge fuse box on my wall that I didn't have anything large enough to cover, so here it is!
It's Peter Sellers from "Dr. Strangelove."  I haven't see it, but just love the photo.  I'm really pretty glad it's not Woody Allen {I was a little worried that it might be, not that I really have anything against WA, I just don't necessarily want to look at him every day.  I did think this guy was better looking than Woody, so that was my one hope.  Looked it up on google images and it's not him}! Hope it's a cool movie, I would hate to have something lame on my wall!   

Did you see it?  What was your opinion of the movie?

{I do not condone smoking.  Smoking kills, kids.}

This is Gorgeous

Just a few beauts I saw this week...
{This bag!  Gucci.} via

{Oh, wow.  That's all I have to say.  Wow!} via
{This image is awesome.  I wish I dressed like this.} via
{Celine.  I love the simplicity of the lines.  Classic!} via 

{Love the colors, the cane, the lamp, velvet, chevron, greek key!} via
{Valentino.  Stunning!} via
{The Plaza Hotel, NYC} via

{This room is one of the best I've seen in a long time. I love everything!} via

{Temperley London Pre-Fall 2013.  So awesome!via
Happy Saturday!

Currently Crushing


I have a crush on this little number. The colors {mint! orange!}, graphic pattern {how flattering is that orange stripe around the waistline?!}, and perfect sheath silhouette {relaxed, with just enough structure} make this dress a winner. The temperatures here are tricking me into thinking it's already spring {hello, 70s in January!}, and this would be the perfect dress to usher in this short-lived-in-Texas season. And in case you're wondering, I'd wear it with these {in blush}.

Happy Thursday!

Just Call Me "Zebra" {M's Monthly Love}


I love stripes!  This is nothing new, but I have seen some particularly awesome striped items lately and thought I'd give 'em the old "shout out."
1 / 2 / 3
4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
9 / 10 / 11
12 / 13 / 14
15 / 16
My inspiration, as usual, comes from Pinterest!  

I ADORE this outfit!  Everything from the colors to the accessories are perfection...
I have loved this Anthro look for a long time!  So retro and chic!  Plus, it combines stripes with another fave, polkas!
There are so many cool striped finger nails on Pinterest, it was difficult to narrow it down to my favorite!
Burberry does it again!
Mint. Stripes. Chrome. Simplicity. Love.
If Audrey Hepburn isn't just the cutest thing ever...
I love the glam these gold stripes add to this simple office...
I want to relax here.  Like, now.
Liguria, Italy via
This dress is so classic.  I die.
Cute packaging of delish candies!
I looooove the look of this!  The next time I do favors for something...
What have you been smitten with this January?

Isabel's 2012 "Best" Dressed: Blake Lively

Blake Lively tops my celebrity best dressed list for 2012, but let's just say I've always been a Rachel Bilson and Emma Stone fan.  I'm soo glad M and K featured them!  While I'm not a Gossip Girl watcher, I just am floored by Blake's natural beauty.  Her height, hair, left cheek mole and sparkling blue eyes make it easy to look so pretty no matter what you wear!  It was a bit hard to find her personal street style since she films so much, but I think these are her looks.
Making good use of those legs there!
Movie premier nights.  I think I love the black and green the best.
Nautical girl
Absolutely love this easy and breezy look.  It'd be perfect for steamy Texas summers!
Another boho look, simply effortless

Classin' it up with Jason Wu!
Another boho look, which is why she tops my best dressed look.  That's what I love about Jennifer Aniston's, Kate Hudson's, Nicole Richie's and any other boho celebrities style.  I think this is a Gossip Girl look though.
Looks warm!

What I realized while searching for her photos is that she loves to wear hats, blazers/jackets, and skinny pants.  Almost everything I found was pretty similar; nothing too extraordinary but totally wearable (for me).  So I think maybe I just like her character's style on Gossip Girl.  Either way, she's pretty laid back and simple, and I like that!

My next best dressed isn't a celebrity, but is well known in the blogosphere.  I absolutely am entranced whenever I visit her site, scroll her pinterest, or encounter a product of hers.  She is my design crush because she does it all! Graphics, fashion, photography, magazines and she's just so infectiously happy!  I have mad envy and love for her!  You know her as Bri Emery from designlovefest!
Bri always adds color to her outfits.  THe addition of that scarf takes this outfit from something I would wear as blah, to YAH!

I want her hair and face so I can pull off a hat as cute as hers on myself!  Loving these warm jewel fall colors against her bright blonde hair.
Colortastic, she is and so bold with her choices.

While Bri is much more adventurous than I ever will be, this is an outfit I could start with, though I'm not sure I would ever have the courage to try tuxedo shoes.
I pulled this to show her ability to mix prints and colors so well; she's so inspiring in that department!
Silk ikat shorts with a chunky striped sweater, yes please!

Adorablez.  Based on the images I pulled, I must be having a mad love for that pant color right there.  What would you call it?

See more of Bri's look on her website under her Style column.  I love visiting her for her outstanding photo shoots and all around design ideas.  She's amazing and makes it look soooo easy; sigh!  I'm also impressed at her success in such a short amount of time.  She's got an incredible wealth of experience for a 26 year old and the drive that she and others have is so desirable!  Le sigh!

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