Resolution Time {A Time to Sweat}

I actually began my new work-out regimen in November, but the New Year is always a good time to revisit the gym wardrobe.  Nothing makes getting ready for the gym fun {it's my least favorite part of the working-out process}, but having some cute work-out clothes to don can certainly cushion the blow!  

I also don't like to spend too much on work-out wear, so that's a challenge.  

I am generally participating in some combo of the following work-outs *weekly {*caveat: well, I have been, and will be once again when I'm no longer coughing up my lungs on a regular basis}: Zumba, Trainer workout {weights and calisthenics , Yoga, Hot Yoga, and "Body Works + Abs" {an awesome weights / aerobics class at my gym}.  

Here's my little wish-list of athletic clothes that will make me at least feel cuter while sweating it out.

{Although really, this thing I saw on Pinterest is about right...
via probably, there aren't any clothes that can actually help this situation.  But, it's all perspective, right?} 

A couple  of items you will see over and over.  I thought it would be nice to have some nice arch-supporting socks, for instance.  A fun tote-bag for when I am going to or coming from work is another.  I also included some CZ stud earrings.  You won't catch me at the gym without my studs!

While shaking my bum in Zumba, I like to be comfy and have loose, free-flowing clothes.  Also, I tried on several pairs of sneakers to try to find some that were supportive, light-weight, and at the same time don't have too much traction.  I have found that my knees often hurt after Zumba from trying to turn quickly while wearing regular running shoes.  The Nike Eclipse II seem pretty slick, plus, they're cute and vintagey!  I got some, so I will report back later about how they do!      
socks / hoodie / tee /  studs / pants / tote / sneakers 
When I meet my personal trainer, I like to be comfy,too. And, I need really good shoes!  I have a hard time finding enough arch support, and for some reason, I really notice it when doing weights and training.  Merrells seem pretty supportive and light.
top / trainers / capris
I love yoga, and Costco actually has some pretty cute yoga clothes in right now!  I will want a hoodie to wear to and from the gym, since I go in the morning.  Also, my toesies will definitely need to be painted beautifully.  Not because people even care, but I can't stand to look at them for an hour if they look shabby.  That cutie-patootie DVF yoga mat{Kerry first brought it to my attention here} is on clearance at Target, too {I was way too cheap to buy it for its original price}! 
hoodie / OPI / pants / tee / yoga mat
I recently scored an awesome deal on Amazon Local for a Bikram Yoga package!  Yay!  I will definitely need a headband to catch all the sweat that will be running into my face.  I will need a hoodie for the way TO the yoga gym, but not the way home, haha!  I also found a cool yoga mat towel that would be nice to have...
headband / hoodie / nail polish / knee-length gauchos / flip flops / yoga mat towel / tank
As usual, I like to be comfy during my Body Works class.  The easiest, most carefree outfit is in order for this one! 
sneakers / tee / shorts
What work-outs are you doing this year?   


Lilly at: January 16, 2013 at 9:40 AM said...

You are going to look so cute! I too dig the yoga apparel at Costco. Changing to the exact same style of shoe you mentioned for Zumba was such a huge game changer for me. It really will help your knees feel better and make your moves more fluid aka J.Lo.

Fashion Blawger at: January 16, 2013 at 3:44 PM said...

Lmao, the pic is probably right for me too. Lol

nd the DVF yoga mat is awesome! I have it! I think Target still has them for 50% off.

Lisa - respect the shoes at: January 16, 2013 at 10:27 PM said...

I'd love to try Zumba but I am fairly certain I am not coordinated enough!

Kerry at: January 17, 2013 at 6:18 PM said...

Super cute tote! The MJ tee in the Zumba look is so fun!

Happy working out {once you feel better}!


Maigen at: January 24, 2013 at 8:24 AM said...

Lilly- thanks for your input! I'm glad the shoes worked for you! I have been so sick since I bought them that I haven't been able to try them out yet, so I was excited to see your endorsement!
Fashion Blawger- I definitely look like that, but probably worse!! LOL!
Lisa- girl, you should see how hilarious I look! I definitely am not coordinated enough, but it's actually really fun and the BEST workout! I just get there really early so I can get the back corner- where no one that's in the gym working out can really see me!!! ;)
K- I know, I'm dying over the MJ tee! When I was five, I had the biggest crush on him, LOL! :)


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