Style that item: Kerry's Kate Spade blouse

Sorry this is so late.  I've been having "technical difficulties" with Blogger and couldn't upload any pics.  Better late than never?
So, Kerry came up with so many great looks, I have to admit, I had no idea how I was actually going to contribute anything new!  LOL.  The girl's got style.  What else can I say?  :)

Just to refresh your memory, here is her fab new blouse:
The first look I came up with is for church, or any meeting or luncheon that is a little business-y.  {You will notice, I did find a few items that I used more than once.  I like the idea of mixing and matching!  Also, I used a couple of things I know K already owns later on.}
skirt / necklace / frames / earrings / pumps / hobo ~or~ clutch  
What's so great about the little tassel clutch is the aqua blue edge, see:
I saw this look in Kerry's style pins and have been loving it!  J Crew, you darling thing, so sorry, but I'm ripping it {or, at least, the general idea} off!
embellished sweater shell / tangerine lips / studs / flats / jeans / tote 
Since it's warm most of the time here in Dallas, I thought she might do well to have a shorts-look on the back-burner!  The Bermudas in the pic are navy, but I figure black ones will be more readily available in the coming months!  {You'll notice Kerry's beloved Kate Spade Gumdrop studs in a few colors in this post!  Gotta stick with what works!} 
earrings / sunnies / shorts / tote /  hat / flats ~or~ sneakers
This next look is for casual strolling, shopping, lunching and possibly attending a Regatta...
blazer / earrings / sunnies / loafer / belt / clutch / jeans
For now, at least, K might have a couple more occasions to bundle up...  Plus, I wanted to incorporate her beautiful boots, also seen on lovely Miss K here and here, and her go-to LV!
cardigan /hat / earrings / scarf / boots / leggings / crossbody ~or~ LV Speedy
I saw this look on and am in love with everything!  It is definitely the inspiration for the last look!

cardi / clutch / trench / skirt / earrings / flats ~or~ pumps 
...I used the BR skirt, but I prefer the fuller skirt on this Kate Spade dress... 
I wasn't able to find a skirt with that much volume, sadly.  I think it might be cute with K's blouse layered over it and knotted at the waist, like a little jacket!

I think Kerry's pretty blouse adds just the right quirky {yet romantic} touch to many looks.  What whimsical pieces have you seen lately?  Anything crush-worthy?


Kerry at: January 9, 2013 at 7:59 PM said...

Such fun, unique looks as always, M!

My favorites are...
*Keeping it Simple {I'm kicking myself for never noticing that embellished shell; it's amazing! I tried finding one on eBay since J.Crew is all sold out, but no luck!}
*Summer in Dallas {The top will be amazing with shorts once it gets warmer! Great idea!! I have a Panama hat, so I'll be sure to wear that with it, too!}

Also, you know me well because I'm IN LOVE with that striped KS dress. Again, I didn't notice it until it was sold out of my size and my search for one has been fruitless so far. Fingers crossed! It would be perfect with my top!


Maigen at: January 14, 2013 at 1:49 PM said...

Thanks, K! Glad you liked my suggestions! I wonder when the shell sold out, it was still available when I wrote the post. :(


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