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It was SO fun over Christmas to hang out with my fabulous sister, Meredith, her hubs, and their little Lily!  Mere and I are essentially the same person, so I'm hoping she likes what I decided to do with her orange dress & chevron maxi skirt!
When Mere was in town, I was coveting her cute black & white cardi {which is the reason I got this peplum tee, the patterns are similar}, so I thought I would pair it with her orange dress!  

This first look is for church or dinner out. I love orange with a deep royal blue {you will see blue throughout this post, actually.  I guess I'm into it today}.  The tote bag is big enough to throw a few diapers and binkies in on the go.
earrings /  wedges / sweater tote
This next look is for running errands or just hanging out.  I found a couple of cute cross-body bags that I liked with it.  I also wanted to give her the option of flats or sandals.  

I put a simple necklace with it {I've always loved the Kate Spade "Mrs" pieces}, since she's a mom on the go and can't spend too much time accessorizing.
necklace / blue cross-body / polka dot cross-body  / sandals / flats
This next look is probably my favorite!  I love the casual and easy feel of it.  I have the cardigan in another color, and it is super soft and light-weight, so Mere won't get too warm in her Hawaiian errand-running.  

I also just love the accessories!  I pretty much want all of it, and since most of it is from Target {which is one store I know she actually has in Hawaii}, it is pretty affordable!
For Mere's cute chevron maxi-skirt, I wanted to give her a couple of casual and comfortable looks.  Being a mom is a lot of work, and Mere being able to throw something on that feels like wearing PJs but looks cute and put-together will be helpful for her hectic schedule!

I love this little graphic tee from GAP and the necklace is just plain fabulous!  Mere kept raving about these little flats from J Crew over the holidays, so I figured I'd give her a reason to get them! 
tee / necklace / tote /  cardigan / flats
This last look is a little boho, a little sparkle.  I found a couple of cool scarves, so I though I'd give her a choice!  I think I like the floral one best, but bringing in some other colors with the map scarf is pretty cool, too.  I love the bag {although it's pretty pricey} and the boots' studs, for a little foot fancy.  

I gave her some small stud earrings {since I know our sweet Lily likes to grab earrings with the intent of ripping them from your innocent earlobes} and a sparkly tee with a fun, sporty vibe.
earrings /  floral scarf /  map scarf /  tee / booties / tote
Mere, I hope this helps!  We love to "Style That Item," do you have anything {fashion or home} that you would like some help with?  Email us! :)


Faux ionista at: January 21, 2013 at 9:21 PM said...

I love the Dressing Up and Casual Mommy outfits. (none other than the fact that I love black & white which is sprinkled on both outfits!) But, I want to add that I absolutely love the scarf with a map! I wish it was a world map instead of Mexico!

Maigen at: January 24, 2013 at 11:15 AM said...

Thanks, Fauxionista! :) I know, the scarf would be super cool if it were a world map! I love the colors in it, though!


Kerry at: January 25, 2013 at 11:09 AM said...

Shop Girl is my favorite! That tee is so adorable, and I'm 38493274398% with Meredith on those J.Crew flats, but I'm loving the orange ones {obvi}.

Great ideas! xoxo

Mere at: January 31, 2013 at 12:53 AM said...

Between your post and Kerry's, I have a lot of shopping to do! I actually wore that sweater with my dress last week, but it would have looked sooo much better with that sweet chevron bag and the bold blue shoes! "Shop Girl" and "Funky and Fun" may be my favorites, but I love them all. I am crazy about that floral scarf; I love all of the accessories really. Now I need to narrow it down to a few favorites between your post and Kerry's, and I will have some rockin' outfits to wear around town! Thanks gals!

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