M's Monthly Love: Warm Cozies

So, even though it's been a warm winter around here, y'all, I still loooove me some throw blankets!  I have to keep quite a few on hand for guests who get chilly, since I keep my apartment super-cold.  My friends have learned to wear sweatshirts and gloves* and stuff, but they still ask for blankets.  Plus, I love having blankets all around!  

In reality, it will get colder and colder in my home as it gets warmer and warmer outside, so end-of-season sales will be a great time for someone like me to strike and stock up on some extra throws!
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
I love the punches of color of  1 {you know the pink and coral combo has my heart all aflutter} and 3!  2 and 5 are fabulous graphic, black and white choices, and you can't beat the soft coziness of 4 and 6 {both of which I own}!  Guess I need all of 'em!  

What is your favorite type of throw blanket?  Do you go for streamlined aesthetics  like #1 or 3, or more cozy  blankets, like #6?

*Not really


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