My 5-Minute Dinner

I've been trying to eat healthy and came up with a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty tasty soft taco amalgamation that I thought I'd share with y'all.  Mostly, I am telling you because it was soooo yummy!  Umm, and easy!  Because I never cook anything that isn't easy.  Let's be honest...

1 flour tortilla {the kind you buy uncooked and cook in a skillet.  Don't use butter/oil or anything, just heat and flip it until brown spots appear and it's still soft} - 1 tortilla = 3 Weight Watchers PPV
>1/4 avocado with delicious lemon juice and sea salt sprinkled on it - 1/4 avo = 2 Points
>1/4 cup Madras Lentils {1/4 of one of the pouches from the box from Costco.  Thanks, Lilly, for the tip on this product! Awesome!  Pretty much will be buying this all the time now!} - 1/2 cup = 3 Points
salsa to your heart's desire 0 Points
lettuce and diced fresh tomato {as much as you want!} 0 Points
a spoonful of fat free cottage cheese {1/2 cups is 2 Points, so what little I use is >1 Point}
jarred, sliced jalapenos {as many as you want!}

Total = about 8 WW "Points Plus," and that's rounding up!  It's spicy, delish, AND nutritious!  Plenty of protein & fresh produce!  And for dessert, try some lovely fresh pineapple!

Try it and tell me that you love it! ;)


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