The Pink Room

You may remember these from this post {<-- click for links}, in which I posted my 12 favorite rooms from Pinterest... FIVE of which had pink as a major component! 
Yeah, I'm obsessed.  So, I decided to create my {fantasy} pink room.  Which will be mine.  At some point.  Fo sho.

I found this fabric while out fabric shopping with my mom, and kind of designed a room around it!  I LOOOOOVVVVE it, but it's pretty pricey.  So, it would probably just be a couple of accent pillows.  It's a woven soft grey material, flocked with brightly colored velvet.  Ooh, la, la!  What can I say, we were MFEO!
I would just like to stipulate, first of all, that this room will definitely need some thick, white crown & floor molding.  And some grey concrete floors, methinks. 
Here are the details...

I love the idea of bright pink art against the lightest pink walls!
Paris map {also seen here} / Fragrance art / Abstract art / insanely beautiful wall color: Benjamin Moore "Pink Cloud" via
I wanted to bring in some fun with chartreuse, black and metallic bronze {it's hard to tell, but the abstract art looking pillow has metallic bronze paint on it, I think}.  Meet my pillows & rug:
Clockwise from top left:  sequin zig-zag pillow / abstract art pillow / Odeon rug in citrus & grey {still obsessed!}, also used here / amazing fabric from The Fabric Yard / incredible green cut velvet pillows
I love adding glam with some blingy accessories, as you may well know!  I have to give ZGallerie some major props for their new pendant, which I think will, at some point, definitely grace my home!  The horse-head that I have loved lo these many months is finally on SALE!  And, I think you need to see the glam clam shell in person.  It is massive, and will stand alone as an eye-catching topper for a fantastic, streamlined coffee table!
Clockwise from top left: Land of Nod Lamp also used by Miss Iz here / curtains /  totally glorious pendant / horse head / Atlantis Clam Shell {also used here}
The furniture has a mid-century modern vibe and is still totally up-to-date, which is my fave aesthetic   I know the sofa is weird, but I really like it.  Even though I have heard it's ugly from some.  I think it's kick-A and totally comfy, too!  Bonus!  My sofa now is beautiful, yet really uncomfortable and uninviting.  Which is no bueno.  
Clockwise from top left: Ikea shelves {coming this spring, how fab are these!?} / gold Adair nesting tables / pink egg chair / zebra ottoman / white sectional sofa / Wassily chairs also seen here hereherehere... umm, do you think I love them, or what? / acrylic coffee table
Anyway. I can't wait to buy a house, so that I can make my pink room a reality!  

Here are some more fabulous pink rooms, for your enjoyment!

Eclectic and bright:
Love the neutrals, bright pink, and sputnik chandi in this bedroom!
This dusty rose is amped up with black & white and some beautiful textures...
Traditional & chic {plus, gimme some pom-poms!}:
I like the pops of different pink tones in this room:
A lot going on, but oh, so charming.  The floor!  The fur!  The grey and aqua! Plus, that very well may be the BEST LIGHT FIXTURE EVER:
The curtains are so beautiful and there's just something about this room makes me want to powder my nose and then ballroom dance with Carey Grant...
A sassy office with flair to spare:
via / via
Trellis + sunburst + lucite + yellow + PINK!
I used to have this chair, with black upholstery with big gold dragonflies.  It was a repulsive $5 marled-wood/orange terry-cloth thrift-store find that I painted black and recovered.  Fab, dahling!  My sis has it now.  I'm just loving the sheepskin drape and contrasting pink desk.
Pillow power!  So lovely!  Look at all these pretty prints!
So classic!
Bright and bold!  Love the pink-edged curtains, the coffee table, and the rug.
Just, oh my gosh.  Amazing.
And, now, a LOCAL fave!  This is Lilly's fabulous "closet"  room:
via pancakesandbeetjuice {photographed by Alexandra Minton Photography}
Since I actually know the lovely Miss Lilly, I found out the awesome pink paint is "Raspberry" by Anna Sova.  Yum!  Makes me want some raspberry sherbet!  I adore the addition of b&w and yellow.  So fun and playful!  Totally coveting that pendant, too!  I just love Lilly's unique and personal decor.  Check out her fabulous website, y'all!  

I had too, too many pink rooms I loved, so look for another installment in the near future!

What is your current color crush?


Lilly at: February 3, 2013 at 5:59 PM said...

This is total extreme eye candy! So flattered to be included. I have a plan to lacquer that vanity desk and move it for another project. I was going white and after this post I know it must be hot pink! You are the internet whisperer when it comes to inspiration boards. Keep it up!

Maigen at: February 4, 2013 at 12:23 AM said...

Thanks, girl! Well, there are so many amazing images of beautiful rooms out there, it's just hard to narrow down! I'm glad your house pics went up before I finished my post! I absolutely love your pink room!

Umm... That desk will be PERFECT in hot pink! How lovely! :)


Isabel at: February 7, 2013 at 8:31 PM said...

Ahhh, I love all these pink rooms! I love the pink bedroom the best - so happy! You round up the best and unique rooms; it's so refreshing!

Kerry at: February 17, 2013 at 7:57 PM said...

I love that you included Lilly's room! It's my favorite! xoxo

Maigen at: February 21, 2013 at 6:52 PM said...

Thanks, Iz! :) Once I move, you girls are going to have to go pink-room shopping with me!

I agree, Kerry! Lilly's room is chock-full of personality and the BEST pink walls! :)


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