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Last weekend, I had a profound day of peace.  Even though I prepared for school all day, I felt happy, calm, and well....peaceful.  Windows were open, exercise had been done, candles were burning, and tea was being sipped.  Does anybody else conjure up images of yoga and patios with tea?  I do.  Well, it got me itching for a tea kettle because I just felt that pouring steamy water from a boiling kettle straight into my mug would make it all seem so legit.  Here are some beauties that won't look bad at all out on the stovetop.

real sdeal

1. Eva Solo XO Stainless Steel Kettle, 1-1/2-Liter 2. Bodum Osiris Stovetop Tea Kettle / 3.Bistrot by Demeyere Belgium Resto Water Kettle 4.25-qt. / 4. Uplift Tea Kettle / 5. KitchenAid Pink Tea Kettle /

I love 1 for it's uber sleekness, 2 for its squatty geometricness, 3 for its classiness, 4 for its cork handle warmness, and 5 for its pinkness!


When I saw the gun kettle, I knew I had to include it for M, the Kaico plays to my Nordic callings, the copper one would just age so beautifully, the outdoor kettle is so cheerfully rugged, and the le creuset is just so colorful.


Now, should I just go electric and forget about the stovetop?  Here are two very pretty options that I believe are cordless.  I love anything white ceramic so Bella's is a clear winner for me with that pattern,.  Krups makes a gorgeous one that makes me think it would fit right in a modern loft.  

Creativi*Tea kettle
This color changing kettle has a cubist/modernist aesthetic to it.  I love anything that's unique and this one is definitely not like the others!  It changes from dark red (cool) to translucent red when it's hot.

These are not for stovetop use, but I thought they were so cute and whimsical!  My favorite is the white and orange.  I can't find them on the Henry Road site though.  

What are your experiences with kettles or water boilers?  Do you like yours to whistle? :)


Kerry at: February 8, 2013 at 6:41 AM said...

No coffee drinking happens in this house, so we love ourselves some herbal teas. We own the Le Creuset kettle in yellow. It whistles and I like it! Highly recommend! I leave it out on our stove top 24/7. xoxo

Maigen at: February 21, 2013 at 6:49 PM said...

LOL about that gun kettle! My faves are probably #1 and #5 in the steel ones and the color-changing one! How unique is that!?

Can't wait to see which you choose!


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