Weekend Wears

I had more occasion to dress up this weekend than usual, so I thought I'd throw together a little "what I wore" post.  Pretty much so that I can remember some of my better combos for future reference!

Friday, I wore some reeeallly uncomfortable booties to work.  I mean, it was bad.  Even after sitting most of the day, when I took them off, my feet were doing that cramping-into-a-ball thing.  

I got the shoes in Florence a couple of years ago, but I think this was only the first or second time I wore them.  And, quite possibly, the last!  My mantra of "fashion over comfort" is less and less appealing to me as I get older, or, rather, as my FEET get older.  I know I've said it before, but I am sooo glad flats are in.  Hopefully, they stay a staple for the next, ah, 70 years or so.  

Anyway, I still liked my outfit.  I felt kind of gangster.  Kind of Chanel.  It would have been cuter with some deconstructed boyfriend jeans {like Kerry is searching for}, but we can't wear jeans with holes to work.  Bummer.  Also, please don't look at my face!  None of these pics are very good {I'm always soooo awkward in outfit pics!}, and my hair-cut doesn't help!  Not very flattering.  
black and metallic gold sweater jacket: Target {not online, but possibly still in stores} / tank: Old Navy / necklace: Charming Charley {gifted by my mom} / jeans: American Eagle / evil booties: Zara {old}
After work, I went to one of my absolute best friend's wedding reception.  I would have worn heels, but my feet wouldn't let me!  

The bride looked stunning, and it was really fun!  Mostly because my sister and I entertained ourselves the whole time.  We also made some new friends and got to hang out with some old friends and our new partner-in-crime, Caitlin!  I got some really, really good belly-laughs that night!
My sister, me, Erin, and {her sis, obviously} Caitlin.  If we all get old and our husbands die, I plan on us being like the Golden Girls!  I call "Rose"!  
black stone wire-wrapped earrings {which you can't really see}: Charming Charley / black and grey leopard print ponte dress: Calvin Klein {old} / cardigan: Kenneth Cole {old} / faux croc belt: Calvin Klein {old} / velvet flats: Aldo {on clearance!}
Saturday, I attended a baby shower, and later, went with one of my favorite people ever, Molly {we've been friends since 8th grade}, to see "Les Mis," again.  Hey, I said I would see it again before it left theaters, but this was apparently its last weekend!  And yes, I cried my face off, again!  
Leftdangly gold earrings: Target {similar} / grey wrap sweatshirt: Gap {old} / bird scarf: bought on cruise {on ship, Royal Caribbean... they actually had some great deals on accessories!} / cami: old, not even sure where I bought it, probably Target or Costco! / cross-body: from a stand on the streets of Florence / sweater skirt: Gap {no longer available online, probably still in some stores on sale} / wedges: Mia Girl {old, DSW?} 
Right: same earrings as on left/ navy nautical cardi: Marshalls {old} / mint tank: Target 
{old}/ same cross-body bag / white trouser jeans: American Eagle {old} / neon yellow and tan linen flats: Old Navy {old}
After the movie, Molly and I went to Half-Price Books {love it!}, and they were having "bring your dog night" or something.  I met these guys, who I fell quickly in love with:
The one on the left is 20 months old, 160 lbs, and still growing.  The one on the right is 8 months, and is a total puppy!
They were so sweet and so just, chill!  Perfect dogs!  I wish they were mine!  Look at their big paws!  

Today, sadly, I didn't wear any good outfit.  It was lounge-clothes all the way, all day.  I didn't feel good AT ALL, so I didn't even go to church or any Superbowl festivities {not that I really care about the Superbowl.  Unless the Cowboys are playing, which is never.  Even then, it's hard to get into it.  Hey, I'm no Sporty Spice}.  I basically laid in bed all day.  I took some pretty potent medicine last night that knocked me out and I was dead to the world until 1 pm.  Literally.  Geez.  Am I ever going to be healthy again?!  

What fun activities did you participate in this weekend?


Kerry at: February 17, 2013 at 7:56 PM said...

Cute looks as always, M! Love the metallic sweater jacket! xoxo

Maigen at: February 21, 2013 at 6:51 PM said...

Thanks, K, you're the sweetest! :) Love ya!


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